Solar Products


  • Three main components make up your solar electric system: solar panels, inverters, and racking.
  • Solar panels capture the sunlight and produce electricity.
  • Inverters convert this electricity to usable energy.
  • Racking is keeps it all on the roof.


There are three main components of a solar electric system.

Solar Panels

Solar panels absorb the sun’s rays and produce electricity with no moving parts.

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Solar panels produce Direct Current (DC) electricity which our homes cannot use. Solar inverters convert this power to Alternating Current (AC), the power our appliances and electronics use.

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Racking, Rooftops, & Ground Mounts

As you might expect, the racking system is that which keeps the rest of the system in one place, all held together safely. Racking can be attached to virtually any type of rooftop and can even be mounted to a structure on the ground.

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