• Lifetime solar monitoring allows you to track the output of your solar electric system from anywhere in the world.
  • Module level monitoring brings you the greatest degree of granularity so that you may rest assured that your system is producing exactly as it should be.
  • In the event of an error, your solar monitoring system will alert us so that we may quickly diagnose and remedy the issue.
  • Your system comes with an option kiosk view that allows you to put your system on display for customers, staff, or anyone else interested.


Your solar electric system comes with lifetime monitoring, allowing you to track your solar production from anywhere there is an internet connection. The monitoring is tied directly to your existing home network and uploads real time data to the web.

If your system includes our state of the art micro-inverter product you will access to the production of each and every solar panel in the array. This ensures that every component of your system is performing exactly as it should be.

In the event of an error, we will quickly be alerted electronically. Generally speaking, we will diagnose and repair the issue before it even comes to your attention.

Your free lifetime monitoring system brings you the latest and greatest in solar technology, may be viewed anywhere in the world via the internet, and will always ensure you’re up and running as you should be.

Many commercial settings are great for a kiosk view of your solar system. A foyer or reception area is a perfect spot to set up a display showcasing your system. Whether you have interested staff or customers that might like the company’s move in the green direction, a kiosk view is available at no additional cost.