Installation Process

1. Initial Discussion About Solar

When you first decide you are interested in a new solar power energy system, contact us to schedule a free site evaluation. We will discuss by phone exactly what you are looking to get out of your solar system and answer any questions you may have.

2. Site Evaluation

During your free site evaluation we will meet with you in person to talk about what size and type of solar electric system would be best to meet your needs. We will have a look at the rooftop, any other potential solar areas, and the existing electrical panel and come up with the perfect system for you and your business.

3. Solar System Estimate

At this point we will present you with an estimate and give you a detailed explanation of the benefits of going solar as well as a full run down on your new solar power system.

4. Contract and Retainer

Once we have determined the overall scope of work, we will complete a contract, collect a retainer, and complete a detailed site and electrical analysis depending on the size of the solar electric system. In some cases this will require a conversation with the utility company and municipality to determine the best design for all parties involved.

5. Proposal

Once the specific details of the site are determined, we will put together a final project proposal for review.

6. System Design and Preparation

Cambio Energy will take care of each and every detail in the design process of your new solar power system so that you can rest easy. We will put together the electrical drawings, handle all communications with the city and utility company, and handle everything needed to move forward with your installation.

7. Installation and Power-Up

Next, we will install your solar energy system and organize the inspections so that your new solar energy system can start making you money right away. We will give you a full walkthrough of the system as well as some helpful reference materials unique to your system.

At this point you will have years of green, renewable power on your own rooftop or other structure.