Incentives & Rebates

A solar electric system is as affordable as it ever has been thanks to the many federal, state, and utility incentives and rebates. Here are some details about how you, the homeowner, can bring down the cost of your solar investment.

1. Federal Investment Tax Credit

The federal government now covers 30% of the cost of your solar power system through tax incentives. This means thousands of dollars in savings for your business thanks to a quicker return on investment, so you can focus on putting money back in your pockets.

2. State Personal Tax Credit

The Arizona government offers homeowners an additional $1,000 dollars off the total cost of your solar power system.

3. APS & SRP Incentives

Local utility companies are offering business owners up to $0.10 per Watt on solar electric systems, which translates to savings of several hundred dollars on a midsize system.

APS Rebate:

SRP Rebate:

4. Property Tax Exemption

Arizona’s property tax exemption means that when you add a solar power system to your home, you will not have to worry about an increase in property taxes.

5. State & City Sales Tax Exemption

Your solar electric system is Arizona sales tax exempt. In addition, most municipalities offer this same sales tax exemption.