Going Green


  • Foreign and non-renewable energy sources hurt the economy and the environment
  • The sun is earth’s most abundant resource; let’s take advantage of it with solar
  • Solar on top of your building will immediately reduce the negative impacts of conventional power
  • Solar is clean and creates local jobs; going green is a win for everyone


The sun is earth’s most abundant natural resource. Enough solar energy falls to the surface in just one day to provide 35,000 times the energy needed to power the world.

We hear more and more everyday about the environmental impacts of our current energy habits. Power plants are dirtying the air and creating waste, and foreign energy sources continue to hinder our economic growth.

Clean solar energy is the perfect solution to these problems, and we have the power to curb these issues today! Solar power has been around for decades and is now more advanced, efficient, and popular than ever before.

A solar power system on top of your business will immediately reduce your carbon footprint thus cleaning the air and curbing the environmental effects of dirty, carbon-burning, non-renewable resources. A photovoltaic system provides sustainable energy, zero emissions or greenhouse gases, and produces no hazardous waste.

For every kilowatt-hour of energy produced by your solar power system, you will be offsetting almost 2 pounds of CO2. For every 5.5kW of solar installed, roughly 10,000 kWh of energy is produced each year; you will be reducing your carbon footprint by over 8.5 tons of CO2 per year. This is equivalent to planting 200 trees per year, taking over 500 cars off the road for a day, or not consuming nearly 900 gallons of gasoline. Imagine a large commercial system that produces 10 or 100 times that and then multiply that by the 25+ years that your system will last and you’ll be making a dramatic difference.

Using homegrown solar energy also strengthens our economy by reducing our dependency on foreign fuels and creating more US based jobs. Cambio Energy proudly offers photovoltaic modules and power inverters made here in the United States feeding money directly into our local economies.