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How Solar Works

Ready to learn how and why your solar system performs as it does?

Owning vs Leasing Your System

What are the differences between owning and leasing your solar electric system? What do each of the options come with? What are the unbiased pros and cons of purchasing, financing, or leasing your system?

Net Metering & Overproduction

What is Net Metering and how does it effect the performance of my system? Is it beneficial to produce even more power than I actually need?

Solar Products & Roofing

We offer sever different brands of solar panels, inverters, and racking designed and manufactured in the USA and around the world. Wondering about your rooftop? Learn about the different roof types that work well with solar.

Installation Process

Installing solar is simple. We do all of the work for you. Learn about what it takes to obtain your solar electric system.

Saving With Solar

How can solar save you money immediately? What will your bills look like? How does the solar Return On Investment work?

Incentives & Rebates

Solar is even more affordable thanks to government and utility incentives. Check out this section to learn more about federal and state tax credits, rebates, and sales and property tax exemptions.

Going Green

Solar is a massive step in your quest to go green, clean the air, and reduce your impact on the planet.


Solar requires very little maintenance. Learn more about the details in this section.


Would you like to check up on your solar electric from anywhere in the world with internet access?