APS Plans to Strip Solar Customers of Energy Savings as Solar Threatens Revenues

APS Solar Net Metering8/7/13 – Dillon Holmes

Net metering is the simple means by which solar homeowners pay only for the total amount of net energy they take from APS. It’s really not any more complex than that, and it is definitely not a solar subsidy. If you would like some more net metering background, click here for a previous post.

Every solar panel installed means lower power sales for APS, and APS is afraid solar will eventually bankrupt their archaic business model. APS claims solar customers are costing them too much money which means they have to raise rates for everyone. APS has proposed to gut solar net metering to increase their diminishing  revenues.

APS’s own study claims that solar costs them $18 million per year, while other studies contend that solar saves utilities millions of dollars annually by reducing infrastructure costs.

APS has cunningly devised a plan to hijack solar customers’ savings while pretending to save non-solar customers money. But at the same time, APS is proposing to increase solar subsidies which tax the same non-solar customers they claim to be protecting.

Normally, APS must sell power to make money. With their new proposals, APS can make more money selling less power by stripping solar customers of their energy savings.

We are being misled, and we need the truth.

What is the true financial effect of rooftop solar on our utility monopolies and other customers?

If APS is so concerned with solar customers hurting non-solar customers, why then are they proposing increased subsidies which tax the same body of people?

Arizona needs clean energy and innovation. APS needs a new business model. Don’t blindly trust a regulated monopoly. Ask the questions; seek the truth.

For a detailed analysis of the APS proposals click here.


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