Why Choose Cambio Energy

Determining Your Needs

  • Cambio Energy specializes in helping to determine and meet your renewable energy and energy efficiency needs.
  • We take pride in having genuine conversations about your current energy situation, asking the right questions, and answering all of yours. Our consultative and educational approach truly sets us apart.
  • Our mission is not simply to cover your rooftop with solar panels, but rather to find the right solution to our customers’ energy concerns.

Solar Electric System Custom Design

  • We provide top quality solar design, all in house. No two sites are alike, and that challenge keeps our job fresh and exciting.
  • We take everything into consideration when designing your system to ensure it provides the aesthetic look and feel you expect without sacrificing energy production.

Solar Electric System Installation

  • If we determine together that solar is the right solution, our top priority is to provide a finished product that both our customers and our company will take pride in for decades. Every system we install is worthy of a showroom display.
  • We install solar to look crisp and sleek, blending the panels in to the existing aesthetic of your home or building. And just as important as what is on the roof, we will ensure any ground level components are just as pleasing to the eye.

Follow Up

  • Our job is not over when your system is switched on. We will walk you through the ins and outs of your custom-designed solar electric system.
  • We will connect your new solar system to your existing network and introduce the tools available in your state of the art monitoring system.
  • Energy bills are often confusing regardless of solar. When you get your first energy bill after powering up your solar system, we will help you interpret the data.
  • Down the road, after you are up and running, we will follow up with you to ensure everything is living up to your expectations.

Who We Are

With over 25 years of experience as a full service commercial and residential electrical contractor, Cambio Energy is the valley’s premier solar energy installer. We provide turnkey solar electric systems including design, preparation, and installation so you can go solar and enjoy the many benefits of generating your very own renewable energy.

Our service

At Cambio Energy, we take pride in the fact that each and every member of our team has a true passion for sustainability through renewable energies like solar. The Arizona sun is too valuable to ignore, and our mission is to take full advantage of this value, cutting our dependence on dirty fossil fuels and saving money on utility electricity bills. Together, we can harness the sun and make Arizona a model of sustainability turning heads all over the world.

Our products

Cambio Energy is dedicated to promoting and strengthening our own local economies. We make every effort to source our products locally and always offer products made in the USA. At Cambio, we have done the research and provide only the most reliable products and services available on the market.

We look forward to speaking with you about your unique goals and how going solar can help each and every one of us reach sustainability thanks to Arizona’s most abundant natural resource…the sun!